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What is ReLex SMILE®?

SMILE® is the latest development in laser vision correction and stands for small incision lenticule extraction. The lenticule refers to a thin flying saucer shaped area of tissue which is created within the cornea exclusively using the Visumax® femtosecond laser taking around 25 seconds. 

The shape of the lenticule corresponds to the visual correction of the eye being treated. SMILE® can be used to correct myopia (short-sight) and astigmatism within certain limits and combines the advantages of enhanced corneal stability and reduced impact on dry eye offered by advanced surface ablation or LASEK with the rapid visual recovery and post-procedure comfort offered by LASIK

As such, it has become the fastest growing laser vision correction procedure globally although it has a long track record of safety dating back a decade.

SMILE® is particularly useful for treating higher corrections and because no flap is created, there is no risk of trauma-related flap complications so it is ideal for those involved with contact sports but also ideal for lifestyle choices ranging from an early resumption of exercise or swimming to wearing/removing eye make-up. 

The 3 Generations of Laser Eye Surgery

Your SMILE® procedure explained

SMILE with femtosecond laser treatment.

On the day you come into the clinic at Anderson Eye Care, we will run through the procedure with you so that you will be reassured about the steps. Allow 2-3 hours to be at the hospital so that you have plenty of time. 

Like LASIK and ASA, SMILE® is painless and takes around 5-10 minutes per eye to complete. You will be in the laser room itself for around 20-30 minutes and will have a nurse with you throughout.

We will apply drops to numb your eyes and cover the eye that is not being treated. A small device is used to prevent the eye being treated from blinking although it will feel to you as if you are blinking normally. 

The Visumax® femtosecond laser will dock and you will feel gentle pressure but no pain because the Visumax® uses a curved surface to mirror the shape of your cornea. For this reason, it is the gentlest of all femtosecond lasers and you will be able to see a green flashing light during treatment to hold your gaze. 

Creation of the lenticule takes around 25 seconds, this will then be gently freed and removed through a tiny entry port between 2-4mm followed by eyedrops. The procedure is then repeated if both eyes are to be treated. 


The Visumax by Carl Zeiss is the latest technology used exclusively for this procedure.


After surgery, you will rest for a short period and be provided with refreshments before going home. Your eyes will feel slightly gritty and will be sensitive to light so we recommend that you bring (non-prescription) sunglasses with you. 

We will provide you with antibiotic and anti-inflammatory drops to use as well as a reminder of your does and don’t instructions and also some comfortable eye protection to wear overnight. We ask you to be careful not to rub or touch your eyes and to avoid showering or getting tap water into your eyes for the next few days. 


You will be able to see immediately after treatment is completed and you sit up although your vision will be blurry. You can then expect to see continual improvement in your vision over the first day or two although your vision will fluctuate which is normal. Your vision will then continue to improve and stabilize over the next weeks.

We suggest that you arrange transport home from the hospital. You may experience mild discomfort but there should be no pain. After this point you should notice your vision improve quickly and can get back to your normal routine. 

We will ask you to start using your eyedrops later on the day of your procedure. If your eyes feel dry or gritty we advise you to use plenty of the artificial tears we will provide you with to keep them well lubricated, particularly if you are using screens. 

Follow-up Visits

We will invite you back for a check-up within the next 48 hours and then again at intervals thereafter, typically 1-2 weeks then at 3 months and 1 year. 

You can return to normal activities such as exercise and swimming after a week but we can advise you specifically about any activity you wish to resume. 

5-Star Laser Eye Surgery Reviews

Gift of Sight
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Having had laser correction carried out by Mr Anderson, I can honestly say it was the best choice I could of made. Mr Anderson explained the procedure clearly and answered all my questions. I was feeling anxious in the last week prior to my surgery, but once I had seen Mr Anderson the day before my surgery, he put me at ease. A modern day miracle, thank you for giving me my sight back and changing my life!!
No more glasses! Thanks Mr Anderson.
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I had LASIK (laser eye surgery) performed in October 2014 by Mr Anderson. Throughout the whole journey, pre operative and post operative, he has been kind caring and professional. Nothing is too much trouble, even any niggling concerns I have had, he has been right on hand to be able to advise me further.
The best decision I ever made
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After years of mucking about with glasses and contacts, I got LASEK from Anderson Eye Care. First, I can see perfectly. As a competitive rugby player, I expose my eyes to a fair bit of abuse (tackles, mud, etc.) and I have not had a single trouble with my eyes since the surgery. The experience itself was professional and comfortable, and Dr. Anderson gave me clear and helpful advice. Having done it, it is amazing to me that anybody would still choose to wear contacts or glasses.
Fantastic attention to detail
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I was a patient of David's having laser eye surgery and am now a colleague of his. I can highly recommend David. He is a skilful surgeon and is naturally a details person. He gives truly bespoke solutions for refractive surgery.
Dr Bram
Brilliant surgeon, fantastic care
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I had LASEK eye surgery to correct significant amblyopia. Mr Anderson was thorough and reassuring. I always felt in good hands and the aftercare I received was excellent. I would strongly recommend this surgeon and his team for the excellent quality of service and the brilliant care and results that I received.
Ms H
Thank you Mr. Anderson.
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It is a daunting experience and most peculiar sensation having eye surgery. However if all surgeons and teams are as good and caring as Anderson Eye Care we can be assured of a pain free and quite amazing result. My eye sight was particularly poor and I now see better than ever in my life. My local optician said it was the best result he had ever seen. I felt reassured and safe through the whole experience.
Great experience of Lasik
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Great experience from initial consultation through to actual procedure. Nothing was too much trouble and all questions / queries / concerns were answered in a very clear and simple way. David and his support staff of nurses and opticians were excellent. I would have zero hesitation in recommending David to friends / colleagues.
Laser eye surgery - excellent service, would highly recommend
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I underwent LASEK laser eye surgery from David Anderson nearly 5 months ago. The service really was superb from start to finish. David is clearly highly skilled at what he does and I felt completely at ease throughout the process. I experienced minimal discomfort both during and after the procedure and I am extremely pleased with the results. I would definitely recommend David to anyone that is considering undergoing laser eye surgery.

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