Warning: Cataracts Ahead!

Cataracts are very common: so what are the classic signs that they might be on the horizon? And what can you do about them? This is a blog that starts with a 19th century painter. What does a long-dead artist have to do with a cataract blog? Stick with me. All will become clear… You’re […]

Itchy eyes? It may not be what you think

If you’ve ever had the sniffles around this time of year, you’ll know the feeling. The runny nose. The scratch in the throat. The sneezing. And of course the red, itchy eyes. As an ophthalmologist, I take a particular interest in that last symptom. Itchy eyes are an obvious indication that something is awry. And […]

Ten common myths about laser eye surgery

As an eye doctor, I hear quite a lot of unusual ideas about laser corrective surgery. Probably the most common one is, “Lasering is painful!” (It isn’t! Honestly!) “If I sneeze at the wrong moment, the whole operation will be ruined…” That’s another one I hear from time to time. It’s hard to say where […]

Keratoconus: A focus on the essentials

[For details on the Keratoconus Open Event at Nuffield Health Hospital Wessex on Wednesday 22nd June 2016 please click here] With increased awareness and improved diagnosis, the number of people with Keratoconus referred to specialists is on the increase. Early diagnosis is ideal because treatment in the form of corneal collagen cross linkage (or CXL) may […]

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