The ‘D’ Word: How diabetes affects vision – and what to do about it

When people talk about diabetes, they tend to focus on things like needles and food. But those kinds of areas aren’t the only considerations when it comes to diabetes. The condition can have an effect on our vision, too. While I personally don’t treat diabetic retinopathy (for more on that, read on), it’s an important […]

Keratoconus: everything you need to know

You may have heard the name. Or perhaps even seen some images in a waiting room. But what exactly is it? Keratoconus may not be particularly famous, but it affects a surprisingly large number of people: about one in every 1500 (or one in every 450 amongst certain groups). So what’s going on with this […]

The 9 Biggest Myths About Cataracts

Cataracts are one of the most common reasons for vision loss in adults. Yet they’re also one of the more misunderstood conditions in medicine. Confused and wondering what really goes on with cataracts? Here’s a quick mythbuster to help you sift fact from fiction… MYTH 1: CATARACTS ARE GROWTHS. This is perhaps the most common […]

How serious is Dry Eye Disease?

And four other must-know questions answered. Dry Eye Disease (DED), also known as Dry Eye Syndrome, is a very common eye complaint. So common, in fact, that estimates suggest up to a third of people may be affected by it to some degree. So we see a lot of cases here in clinic. The word […]

The truth about UV – why it pays to get a good pair of sunglasses

Wednesday 27 June is… National Sunglasses Day. Have you logged it in your diary? To be perfectly honest, we hadn’t heard of this one until recently – but perhaps we should have! National Sunglasses Day is an annual campaign run by an American non-profit trade group called The Vision Council, and it seems to have […]

Warning: Cataracts Ahead!

Cataracts are very common: so what are the classic signs that they might be on the horizon? And what can you do about them? This is a blog that starts with a 19th century painter. What does a long-dead artist have to do with a cataract blog? Stick with me. All will become clear… You’re […]

Itchy eyes? It may not be what you think

If you’ve ever had the sniffles around this time of year, you’ll know the feeling. The runny nose. The scratch in the throat. The sneezing. And of course the red, itchy eyes. As an ophthalmologist, I take a particular interest in that last symptom. Itchy eyes are an obvious indication that something is awry. And […]